Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Day 1- Great Day

You know how some days just are not that good. You just make it through the day knowing that when it is over you can go to bed and when you get up the next morning things will surely look better? Well, for my drama queen, yesterday was NOT one of those days!! Yay! Everything went as planned.

My drama queen was the only person from New Mexico to be a part of this trip. So she was all alone heading out yesterday morning. But that didn't last long. Everyone involved with this adventure was asked to wear the t-shirt my drama queen was wearing in the picture I posted yesterday. This made it so easy to spot others who were also traveling with her group. At her layover in Dallas she met up with others so her "all alone" time didn't last long.

They all made it to Miami. I think there all almost 300 of them total. (I can't imagine all those kids coming in on different flights at different times, getting all of them met at the airport, luggage, everyone to hotels........bless all those in charge...) They had dinner and a group meeting of study and then broke into their smaller teams. I think the teams consist of about 30-40 kids. They had a chance to begin to get better acquainted with their teams and then had auditions.

One of the ways they will be sharing Jesus is through drama. No, not the kind of drama you usually have when you have teenagers together, but through a play they will be presenting. So they had auditions for the various characters in the play first thing. They can then spend the time they need in drama training before they leave for Guatemala. My drama queen got the part of the china doll which is the lead and of course, she was thrilled!!

My drama queen's report when she called to check in last night: "Everyone is SO nice, the hotel is SO cool and I get to be the CHINA DOLL. " When she was 2 and 3 years old, I thought she looked like a china doll. :)

Monday, June 28, 2010

And She's Off!!!

My drama queen's plane left early this morning, 6:00a.m. We decided that the love of my life would take her to the airport and the rest of us would say our goodbyes before they left home. After finding my encourager and my drama queen sobbing on the couch because he couldn't go to the airport to say goodbye, we rethought our plan. :)

So, we all got up at 3:00a.m., loaded up and headed for the airport. When we asked my drama queen who she wanted to wait at the gate with her there was no hesitation. "Dad, because he won't cry." *sigh*

She called when she made it to her layover destination and again when she was all set at the gate where she will catch her next plane. I love cell phones!!!

The beginning of this trip hasn't had any wrinkles and that has been wonderful. It's always amazing what we learn when things don't go as smoothly so either way, it's good. :)

My drama queen's desire is to be a blessing to the people of Guatemala. I have a feeling she has no idea how much she will learn and be blessed by them.

And I'll try not to cry.:)

Saturday, June 26, 2010

A Whole Other Country

My drama queen is becoming a world traveler! Most of you know that she will be leaving for Guatemala very soon. The last few weeks she has spent a lot of time going through all the lists of things she needs to take. She has made lists of things she has, things we needed to buy and things she decided not to take, hoping someone else is bringing those items. :) All of this from my very spontaneous, non-list maker!! She is also a procrastination queen when it comes to packing for a trip. She put if off as long as she could and finally started today. Her plan is to pile it all on her bed and then she will have to pack it before she can go to bed tonight! Hmmmm...........