Saturday, June 26, 2010

A Whole Other Country

My drama queen is becoming a world traveler! Most of you know that she will be leaving for Guatemala very soon. The last few weeks she has spent a lot of time going through all the lists of things she needs to take. She has made lists of things she has, things we needed to buy and things she decided not to take, hoping someone else is bringing those items. :) All of this from my very spontaneous, non-list maker!! She is also a procrastination queen when it comes to packing for a trip. She put if off as long as she could and finally started today. Her plan is to pile it all on her bed and then she will have to pack it before she can go to bed tonight! Hmmmm...........


  1. Sounds like a smart plan to me! Did all of the stuff make it into her suitcase by bedtime?

    I love the nicknames you came up with for everyone!

  2. beckiwithani- Thanks concerning the nicknames! I refer to them that way often so it naturally transferred over.

    I think all her stuff did end up in the suitcase before she went to bed. Yay! She is a great procrastinator but functions really well in the "last minute" mode. :)

  3. Great blog page Melody. We will be following Jennie's mission trip and praying for her.

  4. Elise always loved to go on missions trips. She would come back more mature and with incredible spiritual insights! Thanks for sharing! Love you!