Monday, June 28, 2010

And She's Off!!!

My drama queen's plane left early this morning, 6:00a.m. We decided that the love of my life would take her to the airport and the rest of us would say our goodbyes before they left home. After finding my encourager and my drama queen sobbing on the couch because he couldn't go to the airport to say goodbye, we rethought our plan. :)

So, we all got up at 3:00a.m., loaded up and headed for the airport. When we asked my drama queen who she wanted to wait at the gate with her there was no hesitation. "Dad, because he won't cry." *sigh*

She called when she made it to her layover destination and again when she was all set at the gate where she will catch her next plane. I love cell phones!!!

The beginning of this trip hasn't had any wrinkles and that has been wonderful. It's always amazing what we learn when things don't go as smoothly so either way, it's good. :)

My drama queen's desire is to be a blessing to the people of Guatemala. I have a feeling she has no idea how much she will learn and be blessed by them.

And I'll try not to cry.:)


  1. We are obviously praying for her daily, but you all as well.

  2. I didn't know the Encourager was sobbing.:)

  3. HEY! Where am I?? I am the adopted one!! Yeah, she called me this morning and woke me up when she was in Dallas. She said she would call tonight so I would know she didn't die... I hope she doesn't die! I told her she couldn't die or fail... she is on a mission from God!

  4. Many prayers today from her Nonnie and they will continue. He is sending her and He never fails.

  5. Thanks everyone for your prayers.

    Nicole-I can't believe I failed to put you in!!! Epic fail!!!! Is there a magic number of rice krispie treats that would make it up to you? :) And she called us to let us know she didn't die, too!