Monday, July 12, 2010

Home Again, Home Again

My drama queen is home, safe and sound!! Her plane landed at 10:41 p.m. Sunday evening. The trip home didn't have any wrinkles. ( Although, I think she almost walked her feet off trying to get to her gate in Miami. You'll have to get her to tell you that story. She does a much better job than I could.:))

After having almost no sleep Saturday night what with last minute meetings, saying good-bye and packing, the kids had to be in the lobby ready to roll at 5:30 a.m. (4:30 our time). By the time she met us at the airport last night she was one tired puppy. Even so tired, she was still upbeat and had many neat stories to tell.

One of the things she talked about was how responsive the people of Guatemala were to the drama they presented and to accepting Christ afterwards. As an example, she told us about part of their day Friday. My drama queen's team had gone to a park where they planned to do the drama. As they were beginning to walk around and let people know what they were doing and invite them to watch, they discovered there was a girl's school nearby. The leaders of the school ask them to come to the school and do the drama there. They happily accepted and headed that way. Once there, my drama queen was amazed. The building was not very large and they discovered that there were 800 girls attending school there!! She said it was unbelievable how they were so crammed into the space they had. " The girls were the best audience EVER!" The team presented the drama (to the best audience EVER :)) . Like they always did, at the end of the drama with the help of their translators they explained the correlation between the drama and the gospel. When the girls were asked if any of them would like to accept Christ, they ALL responded. It was an incredible way to end their ministry time!!

The entire trip went so smoothly for my drama queen. The ministry time was amazing, she so enjoyed the kids in Guatemala, made so many wonderful friends and had a fun time as a bonus. As we were talking last night she said the only negative thing she could think of at all was that she did get homesick and miss everyone.

I am so thankful for all of you who followed along on her journey and were so faithful to pray for my drama queen. This has been a time that I know she will cherish always.


  1. There is no greater experience for a follower of Christ than to be part of His Kingdom work in sharing the good news of Jesus to those in other parts of the world. What a blessing and a joy. We look forward to hearing her experiences and testimony.


  2. So glad you're home Jennie Pennie!! We love you and are so grateful that you had such a fun, safe time! Can't wait to hear all your stories!

  3. I'm glad it went so well! I bet it flew by. Welcome home, Drama Queen! :)