Friday, July 23, 2010

When an Artist/CEO and an Encourager Hit the Road

My Artist/CEO and My Encourager had a very special time with their Aunt, Uncle and two of their bestest friends/cousins.  They traveled to southern New Mexico and spent about a week:

                        exploring old cliff dwellings,


 ( Noni is hiding in the back. She got to go camping, too)

                               doing manual labor,

                                  playing games when it rained,

(just had to add these, aren't they great? :)),

and, a great time was had by all!!!!!

Thanks, Aunt Nita and Uncle Beau for taking the time to make such special memories!!



  1. What great pictures. Such cuties.

  2. There is NOTHING in the world like cousins!! I am sooo glad your kids have that opportunity. I will forever be grateful for the relationship and love shared between the Blantons and Norris clans! That includes not only my relationships, but just the memories of the other paired off cousins! Vicki, Cabby and I, Sam and Tommy, with Robby, Jimmie Dean, and Dana Rufus hanging out in later years. And then of course my memory remembers my Uncle Jimmy, Aunt Kitty, Mom and Dad around the Sunday table!Lucious memories!

  3. What great pictures! I love the ones of them next to the tall grass & water. Looks like it was a blast!