Friday, July 9, 2010

Today Was Pretty Amazing

"Hi, Mom =) Today was pretty amazing."

That's the way the email from my drama queen began.

Wednesday the kids were only scheduled for half of the day. In the morning they went to a place where cancer patients are cared for. They performed their drama there. My drama queen said that was a little different since they were performing it for adults. Until then they had mostly been doing it for children at parks, orphanages and schools. Although a little different, she said it was, "reallllly cool".

After that they had lunch at McDonald's which she said was "yummy". This from the girl who can't stand McDonald's! The way they work lunch when they are out and about is such a great idea, I think. They have all the kids bring peanut butter and jelly from home. It's on the top of the packing list. :) The kids take their peanut butter, jelly and plastic knives with them during the day in backpacks. The leaders have bread and water and so they are all set to have PBJ sandwiches each day for lunch. I guess after this many days of PBJ sandwiches McDonald's was "yummy"! (Is there a McDonald's everywhere on the face of the Earth? Who knew?)

Thursday my drama queen's team went to a little village and put on their drama there. She said many people came and watched. There was a woman there who said she had dreamed about Americans coming--and that her dream was exactly what had indeed happened. As my drama queen said, "Such a God thing!"

After they performed the drama they went throughout the village picking up trash and doing general clean-up. The kids all followed them everywhere. It sounds like it was fun to have the kids following along right with them as they worked. She did comment that it is "so crazy to see how little the people have".

As I was thinking through her email just before I dropped off to sleep last night I was thinking about her statement, "Today was pretty amazing". We are so incredibly blessed and if we stop to think about it, most us us could say at the end of the day, "Today was pretty amazing!"


  1. is pretty amazing. I'm glad she gets this extra-amazing experience.